The grandfather clock

As promised, this post is entirely about the grandfather clock I am making for La Lanterna Rosa. I spent most of the day working on it, as tomorrow I am back at work.

I started with a half scale grandfather clock kit I purchased from Alphastamps (whose shipping time, I am pleased to say, is much improved). I purchased it some time ago and decided that it would go well in the music room. I assembled it and painted it white a few days ago. Today, I began embellishing it.

I started with pink card stock, which, at very small scale, can be layered to look like beveled wood. I carefully measured the dimensions of the door an drawer and cut out the “wood” on my cricut.

Here is the clock with the outline of the door. I did the drawer first and then decided I didn’t like it, so I took the charms off and replaced them later.

The center of the door is made of two rectangles, one slightly smaller than the other, layered and centered in the door frame.

Next came the drawer, which is also two layers of card stock. The embellishments are tiny metal confetti that are meant to be incorporated into resin jewelry. They are the perfect size for half scale miniatures

The sides were next, both are the same.

I embellished the sides to match the front

I then chose a clock face I found on the internet, shrunk it to fit and glued it in pace. I painted the clock face frame pink, to match the paper and glued that in place over the clock face. I glued the “wood” arch over the top of the clock and added a G clef. I also further decorated the spaces between the door and the drawer with more confetti.

Lastly I added some tiny points to the edges of the clock face, and the clock was pretty much done. The only things missing are the hands, which I haven’t figured out yet.

That’s it. Tiny violin will be next.


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