Side quest 2: decorating tiny beds.

I signed up for another library side quest. I will be dressing miniature beds with kids next month. I’m hoping this goes as well as the tables did.

I have already made one sample piece for this project. I started with this bed I purchased at Dollar Tree:

The first thing I needed to do was strip the bed of the red checkered “blanket”, which was glued to the sides of the bed. There is nothing wrong with this, of course. I glued my own bedding into place. However, as this one is red, it would be difficult to cover with out the red showing through. Under the fabric was a piece of cardboard that was apparently meant to be a mattress. Once that was done, I sanded the bed down to remove left over glue and dye and was left with this:

Next I painted the bed with acrylic paint. Since my previous class was all little girls (and two moms), I decided to go girly and painted the bed pink. Knowing me, you know that I enjoy embellishments, so I used this pack of wooden charms to add a cute toadstool to the end of the bed.

Here is the painted toadstool:

Next, I needed a mattress. This took some thought, as most foam I looked at was much too thick to use on a miniature bed. I though about sponges, but I would have had to cut them to half thickness, something I was not willing to spend my time doing. That’s when I found these, which are the perfect thickness:

I used the piece of cardboard I removed earlier as a template to cut the sponge to the size of the bed.

I chose a pink, red, and turquoise fabric set with which to dress the bed. I chose turquoise stripes for the sheets and wrapped them around the mattress:

I wanted a simple dust ruffle, so I used short pieces of lace on each side of the bed to create a dust ruffle effect:

Blankets came next, and I chose a floral pattern with the same background color as the sheets:

I wanted my bed to go with the current style, which seems to include several throw pillows of different sizes and shapes.

The three large pillows in the back are filled with cotton balls. The small retangular pillow is filled with a small piece of sponge. The round pillow has one of these inside it:

And that was it. The bed was done, and it turned out to be a much simpler project than the tables turned out to be.

I also found time to finish the planter for Santa’s office. I used a piece of birthday candle and pieces from this corsage to complete it:

Here it is, completed:

That’s all for now. Buona notte!


Santa’s desk

Welcome back from the holidays. What a busy and exhausting few weeks.I enjoy the holidays but I always feel relief when life gets back to its normal pace. With everything that needed to be done for Christmas, I didn’t have a lot of time for miniatures. I have been slowly working on Santa’s desk, which is a modified version of the captain’s desk from this YouTube video: The instructions are very clear for anyone who cares to follow along.

I made several modifications to the original desk for my scene. First, I sized the desk down to half scale. Second, I used chipboard instead of matboard. Third, I decided I didn’t need the drawers to open so I didn’t bother with those steps in the tutorial, I made the fronts of the desk solid and glued the drawer fronts to it.

Last, I changed the legs. Carving tiny legs like the ones in the video would take me a long time and be an exercise in frustration, so I used the ends of fancy toothpicks. I painted the whole desk brown and then covered the paint with a few layers of clear nail polish to give the desk some shine. The drawer handles for my desk are made from the jewelry findings shown below, cut in half.

I then made Santa a blotter out of two pieces of cardstock. Here’s the desk so far:

That’s all for now. Ciao, my loves!

A fireplace finally finished.

Hello my loves! I bet you thought that, after the last post, the fireplace was done. It was not. For a day or so I thought it was but I was wrong. Here is the rest of the fireplace.

First, I felt that the mantle wasn’t full enough, so I decided to make some candlesticks for the ends of the mantle. The candle sticks are made of jewelry findings, tiny snowflake buttons, beads and toothpicks, shown below:

I glued the beads to the buttons to make a base for the button to stand against.

I then attached jewelry findings to the bottom of the beads to make stands for the candle sticks.

The candles are toothpicks, painted red and cut to size:

And here we have completed candlesticks:

Once I positioned the candlesticks on the mantle, I found that the blank space created by the garland was bothering me. I solved this problem by placing a star charm in the open area.

This, however, lead me to getting a close look at the opening of the fireplace, and the lack of bricks in the back stuck out to me. I headed to my trusty Pinterest board and found a good picture of some bricks, which I shrank to size and printed out. When glued into place, it looked pretty good:

Lastly, for this particular scene, I didn’t want a fire screen so, in order to look complete, I needed andirons and logs. The andirons are made from pieces of these latches. I cut off one prong from each latch and glued them in place, with the remaining prong pointing up.

The logs were the easiest bit, as they are simply pieces of a twig I found in my yard:

That’s all for now. Next I plan to work on Santa’s desk and a poinsettia planter.

Ciao, loves!

The Christmas tree and the fireplace

This week I have been working on the Christmas tree and fireplace. Even with the little village, the fireplace was too plain for Christmas at Santa’s house.

I found this garland at Joann’s and it is just the right size:

I cut off an appropriate length and shaped it into a swag. I decided that the garland needed a little jazzing up so I used this ribbon I bought at dollar tree to make some tinsel.

As it is, it was far to thick to use in a miniature. However, it turns out that this particular ribbon can be unraveled into three strands, two of which make miniature tinsel.

I unraveled enough to make tinsel for both the garland and the Christmas tree. The next thing the garland needed was bows. Those were easy. I used some of my thinnest red ribbon to make the bows and glued them in to place.

Lastly, I wanted to add a little more ornamentation. I chose little bell pieces for that.

After that, I decided to move on to the Christmas tree. I chose one of these trees in bought at target last Christmas:

I bought them because they were a little bit more realistic than most bottle brush trees and they didn’t have that fake snow on them. I hate that stuff it sheds everywhere and I’m afraid the inimitable Poppy might get it in his fur or on his paws. Cats groom constantly, and I don’t want him ingesting that stuff. Anyway, back to the Christmas tree.

First thing that goes on in any tree decorating scenario is the lights. I bought the smallest LED set I could find, which happened to be from Dollar Tree. Here is the tree lit up with the tinsel I made before:

Side note, if you are not shopping for craft supplies at Dollar Tree, you are doing yourself a disservice. They have great supplies for very reasonable prices. Now back to our originally scheduled program.

For ornaments I turned to my collection of metal charms meant to go in resin jewelry. I have one set that is Christmas themed:

I glued many of these to the tree and they are the perfect size for ornaments.

When I got finished putting on the ornaments, I decided the tree was too monochromatic so I added some red and green baubles. The red baubles came from this bag of “glitter pebbles” I got at Hobby Lobby.

The green baubles came from this string of green beads I picked up somewhere. I honestly have no idea where it came from.

I added a star that was left over from La Lanterna Rosa.

Here’s the finished tree:

And here it is with the lights on:

That’s it for tonight! Ciao, my loves!

The Christmas fireplace:

I decided that the fireplace needed further embellishment, so I decided to add a Christmas village to the mantle.

One of my most useful purchases from when I first started doing miniatures is this bag of “laser poop” I picked up at a miniatures convention in Sturbridge, MA.

These are left over bits from someone’s laser saw projects and has a wide variety of shapes and thicknesses. I was lucky enough to find several tiny house shaped pieces, complete with tiny windows and doors. I painted these in a variety of colors to use for the village houses.

I made a teensy barn by glueing several pieces shaped like the ones below and painting them red. I made a door and loft with black sharpie.

I also used a tiny star shaped piece, painted gold, and some curved bits, painted white, to make a star of Bethlehem, over the town.

When all these pieces were assembled on some white painted base pieces, I had this:

It looked a little bare, so I used my tree punch to make tiny trees:

I punched two sets out of green card stock (shown below) and glued two punches back to back. This made them thick enough to glue standing upright in the town:

Card stock with punched out trees
Tiny village with trees.

Next I got out my tiniest paintbrush and added a river:

Lastly, I used this edge punch to make tiny ovals that made some bushes:

And here is the completed Christmas village:

Next up, garlands and stockings

Ciao, my loves!

Walls, floor, and a fireplace

I’ve been working on my Christmas scene today. I kind of love the wall paper I chose. I found the image on Pinterest, shrunk it down, and made two 8.5 by 11 inch sheets. That was enough to paper the inside of the mailbox. Here’s the image:

The floor will be parquet. I found this great paper at the craft store:

Lastly, I made an adorable fireplace out of cardstock. I used the template I found on the My Miniature Madness blog. Here’s the link:

I shrunk mine down to half size and printed it in red and white. There are very clear instructions on My Miniature Madness, as well as several other tutorials.

Though, now that I see it in the space, I may be switching to 1:12 scale for this project.

More soon! Ciao!

Side Quest, part 3

The class at the library was yesterday morning and it went brilliantly! My students were all very creative and surprisingly patient. There were four girls: Lily, Chloe, Alicia and Ayla. Ayla was the youngest at 8 years old. Here’s her table:

And here is Alicia’s, she’s the next youngest:

This is Alicia’s mom’s table:

Here is Chloe’s table:

And Chloe’s mom’s table:

And this is Lily’s. She was quite meticulous:

I really thought this would be a one time deal, but the girls have asked me to come again. So there may be another side quest soon. It was a really pleasant way to spend a morning.

Ciao, my loves!

Memories of Christmas

I’ve been dragging my heels a little on the Christmas miniature. I’m not feeling much on the way of holiday spirit yet, and because I need a little downtime between projects.

Just now though, I remembered something from two years ago. My parents and I were at the kitchen table, and we were trying to make conversation. Mom was just starting to really show symptoms then. I mentioned that I planned to watch a move on Amazon Prime called “The Christmas Witch”. My dad suddenly looked like I handed him a thousand dollars and he started talking about La Befana, the Christmas witch, who brings candy to all the children in Italy on the 6th of January (which Italians call Little Christmas). I got so many memories from him just with that one phrase: The Christmas Witch.

That one image of my dad remembering happy times made me smile, and now I’m thinking about Christmas again. Maybe I’m ready to get to work.


P.S. The movie was adorable.

Side Quest, part 2

My class at the library is this weekend, so I have been focusing on getting ready for that. As of last Wednesday, there were six people signed up. In the meantime, the project has taken over my dining room. I’m looking forward to getting some space back. The kits are mostly finished, though I need to put glue in the glue bottles.

Each kit contains a table, 3 paint brushes, detail scissors, a bottle of clear nail polish, an embossing tool, glue, and a button.

I need to finish cutting out the ovals for the table cloths.

I have cut out many more than I need but I’m trying to avoid squabbling over patterns and colors.

Last but not least, I need to print out a bunch of things, like little bags and dishes, anything people might want to put on their table.

That’s it for now.


It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas.

Almost a week has passed since I completed the music room and I am about ready to begin a new project. Next up on the table will be a Christmas scene that will be built in this:

I have already begun the rug and have been deciding on the wallpaper. Obviously, there will be a Christmas tree and a fireplace but I have yet to decide on the other furnishings. Plus I must choose flooring and wallpaper….my task is cut out for me. So many choices to be made.