La Lanterna Rosa.

Having been home for several days with COVID, I finally had some down time to work on my rococo music room. I simply don’t have the energy to work on any projects for my real house and I can’t focus long enough to knit or embroider.

I have decided to move the music room from the container I originally bought for it to this lantern I found at HomeGoods.

The lantern is eight inches to a side so it gives me a lot of floor space with which to work. The first instrument is ready as well. It is a harpsichord I purchased from FilamentFlair, an Etsy shop. The owner was kind enough to produce a custom printed half scale harpsichord at little notice for an extremely reasonable rate. Here it is, complete with bench:

I have begun work on some other pieces as well, that will include a grandfather clock, a couch, a chair, and some tables. I also hope to produce several other instruments and a music stand.

Here are some furnishings in the first stages of assembly.

The main color for the room will be pink, as people were quite fond of pink during that time period and because I haven’t done a pink room yet. Handling the walls has become a bit of a project in itself, as I fell it necessary for these walls to be more elaborate that the flat back drops I have used prior. I shall begin working in the soft furnishings soon.

That’s all for now. Ciao, bellas.

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