La Lanterna Rosa continued

I haven’t built the tiny violin yet, as I have been distracted with other pieces of the lantern. Things have been moving along rapidly. The walls and fireplace are done, the clock face has hands and I have completed the couch, chair and side table:

This all entailed a trip to southern New Hampshire and Earth n Tree miniatures. You all would love this place. I can, quite literally, spend hours there. Though I could wish they had more in the way of half scale supplies.

The frames around the “paintings” are made from 2mm quarter round from there, as is the music stand. I originally planned to build a music stand, but this one was so little and perfect I couldn’t resist. I also found a little piece of “pipe”’that will serve as a flute.

I have also completed the chandelier, which was a feat and took several days and many jewelry findings. I haven’t added the candles yet, but I purchased them on my shopping trip.

Many of the smaller pieces are completed as well, these include fireplace screen, some candle sticks, a tea service, a bowl of apples and some flower arrangements.

That’s all for now. Ciao, bella.


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