And the Bathroom is Done!

I finished up the finishing touches on the bathroom today. The high light, in my opinion is the tiny clothes I made to go on the chair. Here they are, tiny robe, undergarments and slippers.

Unfortunately, the bathrobe didn’t look quite right in the room so I decided to leave it out. Here are the other items on the chair.

The chemise and knickers are made from this handkerchief.

Vintage handkerchief’s make great material for miniatures because the cloth is so thin and fine. I used to feel bad about cutting up vintage items, but then I realized that I could purchase them for less than a dollar a piece. Any valuable handkerchiefs would be more expensive. I used the same handkerchief to make a basket of towels that I put on the bottom shelf of the washstand.

Last, but not least, i added some details to the hip bath, including a wash cloth, rose shaped soap and a mug for tea.

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