Back to the study

His Lordship’s study is coming along. Here’s what it looks like now:

I like the way the mantle came out, though I still need a portrait to go above it. The mantle scarf is made from some lace my lovely friend and co-worker, Bambi. She’s a crafter herself, though not a miniaturist.

Choosing wall art has been very difficult. I want dark images, but not necessarily weird or creepy ones. And there is a LOT of wall space to cover.

When I was well into this project, I decided it needed more rugs, so it stitched this one:

It looks pretty good in front of the bookcase.

Of course, now I feel like I need another rug for near the desk, I tried this one, but it really doesn’t work:

I’m not really feeling like stitching another rug, but I might have to. Also, I want to build a stand with records for the phonograph.

I’m not sure why I keep writing this blog, as I have zero followers, but maybe there are some people who like to read it.

Enjoy your weekend!

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