Stepping away from the library.

The ripperologist’s library was rapidly becoming a CASITAS (crafter speak for CAn’t Stand IT Another Second), so I put it aside for a little while to work on a tiny bathroom. I’ve had such fun doing it that I am almost finished and haven’t written a post about it yet.

I started with a small display stand by Reuter Porzellan that I purchased from Minimum World. I thought the blue stripes it had on the back drop would be good for a bathroom.

However, to my dismay, when it arrived it was only striped on one side and there was no way to cover the writing on the striped side. I decided to use some of my fancy paper to cover the display. I chose a soft blue damask paper I bought at Joann’s.

It came from this pad:

For this project, which is in 1:12 scale, I was able to purchase several unfinished wood pieces. The window frame cam from Hobby Lobby (not my first choice for shopping, but Michael’s and Joann’s have basically stopped selling miniatures and uncommon charms), the washstand came from Minimum World, and the chair came from Dollar Tree.

I decoupaged the washstand and chair with Victorian illustrations I found online.

Then came the fun part: adding the details. The photos for the left side of the window are printed on card stock and placed in frame charms by Tim Holtz designs. The tassel is yet another charm and the cameos on the wall are more. The mirror was meant to be a pendant.

I made the curtains from an organza bag (8 for $1 at Dollar Tree). I pulled out the ribbon draw strings and cut the bag in half. The curtain rod, made from a painted bamboo skewer, fit into the gusset for the ribbon ties. I then used one ribbon tie to make the curtain tie backs, and I used the other to hang the silhouettes on the left of the window. Outside the window is a view of London.

I purchased the little hanging plant at The Yarmouth Antiques Center. It looks just perfect there.

The wash stand holds a toiletries tray, made from a flower shaped cabochon frame. The bottles are made from assorted beads with actual miniaturized vintage labels. The hand mirror is another charm, and there is a wash stand and basin from Minimum World.

I also added a floor vase, with tiny pink flowers. The flowers were meant to go in resin jewelry, but the are the perfect size for a miniature.

So here’s how it looks so far:

This a tentative placement for the furnishings. I still need to finish the bathrobe and lingerie set I am working on, and I need a basket with towels and other sundries. Plus I might make some kind of toiletry basket with soap and a washcloth to put with the hip bath.

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