Santa’s desk

Welcome back from the holidays. What a busy and exhausting few weeks.I enjoy the holidays but I always feel relief when life gets back to its normal pace. With everything that needed to be done for Christmas, I didn’t have a lot of time for miniatures. I have been slowly working on Santa’s desk, which is a modified version of the captain’s desk from this YouTube video: The instructions are very clear for anyone who cares to follow along.

I made several modifications to the original desk for my scene. First, I sized the desk down to half scale. Second, I used chipboard instead of matboard. Third, I decided I didn’t need the drawers to open so I didn’t bother with those steps in the tutorial, I made the fronts of the desk solid and glued the drawer fronts to it.

Last, I changed the legs. Carving tiny legs like the ones in the video would take me a long time and be an exercise in frustration, so I used the ends of fancy toothpicks. I painted the whole desk brown and then covered the paint with a few layers of clear nail polish to give the desk some shine. The drawer handles for my desk are made from the jewelry findings shown below, cut in half.

I then made Santa a blotter out of two pieces of cardstock. Here’s the desk so far:

That’s all for now. Ciao, my loves!


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