A fireplace finally finished.

Hello my loves! I bet you thought that, after the last post, the fireplace was done. It was not. For a day or so I thought it was but I was wrong. Here is the rest of the fireplace.

First, I felt that the mantle wasn’t full enough, so I decided to make some candlesticks for the ends of the mantle. The candle sticks are made of jewelry findings, tiny snowflake buttons, beads and toothpicks, shown below:

I glued the beads to the buttons to make a base for the button to stand against.

I then attached jewelry findings to the bottom of the beads to make stands for the candle sticks.

The candles are toothpicks, painted red and cut to size:

And here we have completed candlesticks:

Once I positioned the candlesticks on the mantle, I found that the blank space created by the garland was bothering me. I solved this problem by placing a star charm in the open area.

This, however, lead me to getting a close look at the opening of the fireplace, and the lack of bricks in the back stuck out to me. I headed to my trusty Pinterest board and found a good picture of some bricks, which I shrank to size and printed out. When glued into place, it looked pretty good:

Lastly, for this particular scene, I didn’t want a fire screen so, in order to look complete, I needed andirons and logs. The andirons are made from pieces of these latches. I cut off one prong from each latch and glued them in place, with the remaining prong pointing up.

The logs were the easiest bit, as they are simply pieces of a twig I found in my yard:

That’s all for now. Next I plan to work on Santa’s desk and a poinsettia planter.

Ciao, loves!


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