Just a short one.

Not much going on with the lab today. I used my metal stamping kit to make a brass address plaque for the door. The one shown below is the best of five tries. I’ve never done metal stamping before and it is harder than you would think to get a decent result. I also addedContinue reading “Just a short one.”


Almost done with the lab and my first ever video!

I got a lot of work done on the lab in the last few days. The chemistry table is still in the works but I have completed the test tube rack. Each test tube is made of a piece of very thin plastic tubing that I cut to fit into the test tube rack. IContinue reading “Almost done with the lab and my first ever video!”

I don’t know if I won, but he’s upset too…

Today, I had an email argument with an Etsy shop owner. It seems they took exception to my negative review of their shop. I’m sorry, but if you can’t tell the difference between a shipping address and a billing address, and you don’t know what Apple Pay is, you should not be running an onlineContinue reading “I don’t know if I won, but he’s upset too…”

Not quite rose colored glasses…

We are getting down to the details on the laboratory. The inside of the clock is looking like something now. The telescope is installed and I have begun figuring out the positions for the rest of the furnishings. To keep things going in the steampunk vein, we needed some goggles. Plus, one should always beContinue reading “Not quite rose colored glasses…”