Side quest 2: decorating tiny beds.

I signed up for another library side quest. I will be dressing miniature beds with kids next month. I’m hoping this goes as well as the tables did.

I have already made one sample piece for this project. I started with this bed I purchased at Dollar Tree:

The first thing I needed to do was strip the bed of the red checkered “blanket”, which was glued to the sides of the bed. There is nothing wrong with this, of course. I glued my own bedding into place. However, as this one is red, it would be difficult to cover with out the red showing through. Under the fabric was a piece of cardboard that was apparently meant to be a mattress. Once that was done, I sanded the bed down to remove left over glue and dye and was left with this:

Next I painted the bed with acrylic paint. Since my previous class was all little girls (and two moms), I decided to go girly and painted the bed pink. Knowing me, you know that I enjoy embellishments, so I used this pack of wooden charms to add a cute toadstool to the end of the bed.

Here is the painted toadstool:

Next, I needed a mattress. This took some thought, as most foam I looked at was much too thick to use on a miniature bed. I though about sponges, but I would have had to cut them to half thickness, something I was not willing to spend my time doing. That’s when I found these, which are the perfect thickness:

I used the piece of cardboard I removed earlier as a template to cut the sponge to the size of the bed.

I chose a pink, red, and turquoise fabric set with which to dress the bed. I chose turquoise stripes for the sheets and wrapped them around the mattress:

I wanted a simple dust ruffle, so I used short pieces of lace on each side of the bed to create a dust ruffle effect:

Blankets came next, and I chose a floral pattern with the same background color as the sheets:

I wanted my bed to go with the current style, which seems to include several throw pillows of different sizes and shapes.

The three large pillows in the back are filled with cotton balls. The small retangular pillow is filled with a small piece of sponge. The round pillow has one of these inside it:

And that was it. The bed was done, and it turned out to be a much simpler project than the tables turned out to be.

I also found time to finish the planter for Santa’s office. I used a piece of birthday candle and pieces from this corsage to complete it:

Here it is, completed:

That’s all for now. Buona notte!


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