The Christmas tree and the fireplace

This week I have been working on the Christmas tree and fireplace. Even with the little village, the fireplace was too plain for Christmas at Santa’s house.

I found this garland at Joann’s and it is just the right size:

I cut off an appropriate length and shaped it into a swag. I decided that the garland needed a little jazzing up so I used this ribbon I bought at dollar tree to make some tinsel.

As it is, it was far to thick to use in a miniature. However, it turns out that this particular ribbon can be unraveled into three strands, two of which make miniature tinsel.

I unraveled enough to make tinsel for both the garland and the Christmas tree. The next thing the garland needed was bows. Those were easy. I used some of my thinnest red ribbon to make the bows and glued them in to place.

Lastly, I wanted to add a little more ornamentation. I chose little bell pieces for that.

After that, I decided to move on to the Christmas tree. I chose one of these trees in bought at target last Christmas:

I bought them because they were a little bit more realistic than most bottle brush trees and they didn’t have that fake snow on them. I hate that stuff it sheds everywhere and I’m afraid the inimitable Poppy might get it in his fur or on his paws. Cats groom constantly, and I don’t want him ingesting that stuff. Anyway, back to the Christmas tree.

First thing that goes on in any tree decorating scenario is the lights. I bought the smallest LED set I could find, which happened to be from Dollar Tree. Here is the tree lit up with the tinsel I made before:

Side note, if you are not shopping for craft supplies at Dollar Tree, you are doing yourself a disservice. They have great supplies for very reasonable prices. Now back to our originally scheduled program.

For ornaments I turned to my collection of metal charms meant to go in resin jewelry. I have one set that is Christmas themed:

I glued many of these to the tree and they are the perfect size for ornaments.

When I got finished putting on the ornaments, I decided the tree was too monochromatic so I added some red and green baubles. The red baubles came from this bag of “glitter pebbles” I got at Hobby Lobby.

The green baubles came from this string of green beads I picked up somewhere. I honestly have no idea where it came from.

I added a star that was left over from La Lanterna Rosa.

Here’s the finished tree:

And here it is with the lights on:

That’s it for tonight! Ciao, my loves!


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