The Christmas fireplace:

I decided that the fireplace needed further embellishment, so I decided to add a Christmas village to the mantle.

One of my most useful purchases from when I first started doing miniatures is this bag of “laser poop” I picked up at a miniatures convention in Sturbridge, MA.

These are left over bits from someone’s laser saw projects and has a wide variety of shapes and thicknesses. I was lucky enough to find several tiny house shaped pieces, complete with tiny windows and doors. I painted these in a variety of colors to use for the village houses.

I made a teensy barn by glueing several pieces shaped like the ones below and painting them red. I made a door and loft with black sharpie.

I also used a tiny star shaped piece, painted gold, and some curved bits, painted white, to make a star of Bethlehem, over the town.

When all these pieces were assembled on some white painted base pieces, I had this:

It looked a little bare, so I used my tree punch to make tiny trees:

I punched two sets out of green card stock (shown below) and glued two punches back to back. This made them thick enough to glue standing upright in the town:

Card stock with punched out trees
Tiny village with trees.

Next I got out my tiniest paintbrush and added a river:

Lastly, I used this edge punch to make tiny ovals that made some bushes:

And here is the completed Christmas village:

Next up, garlands and stockings

Ciao, my loves!


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