Walls, floor, and a fireplace

I’ve been working on my Christmas scene today. I kind of love the wall paper I chose. I found the image on Pinterest, shrunk it down, and made two 8.5 by 11 inch sheets. That was enough to paper the inside of the mailbox. Here’s the image:

The floor will be parquet. I found this great paper at the craft store:

Lastly, I made an adorable fireplace out of cardstock. I used the template I found on the My Miniature Madness blog. Here’s the link:


I shrunk mine down to half size and printed it in red and white. There are very clear instructions on My Miniature Madness, as well as several other tutorials.

Though, now that I see it in the space, I may be switching to 1:12 scale for this project.

More soon! Ciao!


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