Memories of Christmas

I’ve been dragging my heels a little on the Christmas miniature. I’m not feeling much on the way of holiday spirit yet, and because I need a little downtime between projects.

Just now though, I remembered something from two years ago. My parents and I were at the kitchen table, and we were trying to make conversation. Mom was just starting to really show symptoms then. I mentioned that I planned to watch a move on Amazon Prime called “The Christmas Witch”. My dad suddenly looked like I handed him a thousand dollars and he started talking about La Befana, the Christmas witch, who brings candy to all the children in Italy on the 6th of January (which Italians call Little Christmas). I got so many memories from him just with that one phrase: The Christmas Witch.

That one image of my dad remembering happy times made me smile, and now I’m thinking about Christmas again. Maybe I’m ready to get to work.


P.S. The movie was adorable.


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