Side Quest, part 2

My class at the library is this weekend, so I have been focusing on getting ready for that. As of last Wednesday, there were six people signed up. In the meantime, the project has taken over my dining room. I’m looking forward to getting some space back. The kits are mostly finished, though I need to put glue in the glue bottles.

Each kit contains a table, 3 paint brushes, detail scissors, a bottle of clear nail polish, an embossing tool, glue, and a button.

I need to finish cutting out the ovals for the table cloths.

I have cut out many more than I need but I’m trying to avoid squabbling over patterns and colors.

Last but not least, I need to print out a bunch of things, like little bags and dishes, anything people might want to put on their table.

That’s it for now.



Published by epiphyte29

Scientist, lesbian, crafter

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