And we are done!

So the very last piece for La Lanterna Rosa is now complete. I am speaking, of course, of the fire screen. This piece was fairly simple to create. I downloaded a rococo image that was in the general shape of what I wanted. I chose this one:

I used the “print then cut” feature on my cricut. I then used the basic cut feature to cut out a balsa piece that was the same size and shape. I painted the balsa white, cut it into 3 pieces and glued the picture to it. Then I covered the paper in 3 coats of clear nail polish. It adds a nice varnish effect to the paper. The las t bit was to “gild” the edges with metallic gold marker. I bought mine at dollar tree and it is better than some expensive ones I’ve used.

Everything is now in place, and here is the finished product:

That was quite the project.


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