The tiniest violin.

Today I have been working on some of the final pieces for La Lanterna Rosa.

More specifically, I have been building a tiny violin. I used the template I found on That author suggested making the body of the violin in three pieces. That was more realism than I needed though, so mine is made in one piece that I will paint to look as realistic as possible. I started with the template, which I cut from cardstock using my cricut.

I then glued the template to a piece of 2mm balsa and cut it out using my exacto knife.

Once the cut out was done, I removed the paper template and shaped the top with sand paper. I cut the neck out of a separate piece of balsa. I would have liked it to be more detailed, but the wood kept splitting and I got frustrated.

Now I need to add in the details to make the violin seem more real. I started by painting my violin brown and then adding the embellishments, which are made from tiny leftover bits of wood.

I also added a bridge, and strings. The bridge is another tiny piece of wood and the strings are raveled pieces of metallic embroidery floss. There is a bow, as well. Which is also wood and embroidery floss. The last bit of detail was to add F-holes, which I drew on with sharpie.

The violin now resides with a tiny flute in a box on the white side table. A few more bits and I will be ready to glue everything into place and the music room will be done.

Now I’m off to bed. Ciao, belle!


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Scientist, lesbian, crafter

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