Side quest.

My dear friend is a children’s librarian at a local library. She has been asking me for some time to do a class in creative repurposing for some of the local kids. I have been reluctant to agree to this, as 1) a single scene can take months and 2) I’m not particularly fond of children.

However, while I was sick with COVID, I came up with an idea and Elaine jumped at it. So, much to my chagrin, next month I will be spending my afternoon decorating tiny dining tables with a bunch of kids. By necessity, the table will be in 1:12 scale, as I believe a bunch of 11 year olds will find 1:24 scale to be too challenging.

In my copious spare time, I have been collecting supplies for this class, and in anticipation of this, my miniatures will be on display at the library for a few weeks and I have spent the morning today making an example piece. Here it is:

Well, that’s it for now. I need to go mow the full size grass in my yard. The macrocosm intrudes.



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