Christmas is in the Air

I love Christmas, which, as I am an atheist, is weird. For me, the best part of Christmas is that I can be as generous as I wish and no one can get mad at me. This, however, does take up quite a bit of time. I have been working on some mini projects.

A few weeks ago I started this kit:

I haven’t used a kit in a while, but since I moved a few months ago, a lot of my craft supplies are in storage. This kit is fun, though. The instructions are really easy to follow. I enjoy the tiny bakery:

Which lights up:

More on that project as I work on it.

I have also been filling the shelf between my living room and my dining room with a paper Christmas village. Here is the basic look of the village:

The houses now all have smoke coming from the chimneys and tiny christmas trees inside.

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Scientist, lesbian, crafter

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