Catch up post.

Hi! It’s been a while since I posted. The library is complete.

I also took two weeks to create an Easter scene for my sister. She loves Easter and we weren’t able to celebrate last year due to the Pandemic.

My next project, which I just started today, is a Rococo Room that will be built in an old dresser case I purchased on eBay. Here’s the box:

And here it is when it’s open:

Sadly, the old silk lining is too damaged to save. It literally shreds when you touch it, so I am either going to have to remove it or cover it.

The color scheme for this room is going to be pastel pink and white, which was very popular at the time. Also, since the walls are only about two inches high, the scale is, by necessity, 1:24 scale, which means that 1 inch is equal to 2 feet. 1:48 scale would have been a possibility as well, but 1:24 scale is my favorite.

I was able to purchase some lovely furniture kits from Melissa’s Mini Wereld Etsy shop. She included a lovely thank you card:

She ships from Europe, but my order arrived very quickly. Here are the kits I bought:

I’ve also been making some architectural details using Crayola Model magic and some wedding cake decorating molds I purchased from Amazon.

The molds are very easy to use. Simply squish the model magic in and then gently peel it out again, and you have some lovely details. Model Magic air dries overnight, so I can just leave them until I’m ready.

Any one who knows Rococo design, knows that it is very ornate. The wealthy in this period liked gilt and marble and frescoed walls with plaster accents and textures. Versailles is a perfect example.

So this is all I have for now.

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