The study is nearing completion

I imagine that the study will be finished within a few days, I thought I would give an update on what’s been happening.

When I work on minis, I like to imagine the people who occupy the scenes I am creating. This one is fun because I have been imagining a couple, one person who enjoys lovely decorating and a second who enjoys researching bloody murders. I keep hearing the first person in my head, complaining to a friend about how the other person has destroyed the formal study it took so long to decorate. Thus, the room is basically divided into two halves.

The still undisturbed side has the fireplace and the other side has the desk. So here are some pictures of the fireplace side:

Though, considering the reading matter, it’s not totally undisturbed.

The fireplace looks good, but I need something to cover the hook holding up the bell pull. I’m not sure how person one feels about the hookah. I, however, enjoy how it looks.

I thought about adding more artwork to this wall but I enjoy how stark the one drawing is, so I’ve left it alone.

Now, on the other side:

Person one has tried to make the place less gruesome with some flowers and a bust of the glorious queen (Victoria, of course).

Of course, the wall of suspects commands attention:

Those are actually photos or drawings of the actual suspects in the ripper murders. There were more than are shown here, but I didn’t have more space. Most of those images were from newspapers published at the time. You can see Prince Albert Victor there on the bottom row, as well as Aaron Kosminski and John Pfizer in the middle row. They were both prime suspects at the time.

Also, my ripperologist has this map Whitechapel from the 1800s, as well as pictures of the victims and crime scenes. The desk has copies of various notes the ripper sent to the police and newspapers, and some newspaper clippings.

So, nearly finished. Final pictures to come soon!

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