The Furniture has arrived!

Today I received the shipment I for which I have been waiting. It’s a little amazing that such tiny packages can hold one up for weeks.

Here’s what I received:

A couple of bottles
A rectangular table
A work table, with a shelf
Two stools.

The first thing to do with chipboard kits is to CAREFULLY separate the pieces from backing. Keep your exacto-knife handy for this. You don’t want to tear the pieces as you separate them.

Next, you will want to wipe down the sides of each piece with a dry paper towel or plain tissue. The lasers used to cut the chipboard leave soot behind which can make a mess. They mention this on the website, and there will be more soot than you would imagine from such small things.

Once the soot is off, I recommend gently sanding the edges of each piece. It gives a cleaner edge and makes your finished pieces look more professional. I like to use the sanding pads shown below, but you might find something you like better.

You may be wondering why I have 8 leg pieces instead of four. These will be glued together in pairs which will add thickness to the legs and make them sturdier. Glueing them will be my next step.

Here they are glued.
You can see that they are now the right size to fill the holes.

While the glue dries, I will paint the other parts. I’ve chosen a warm brown acrylic paint for the furnishings for the lab.

And here is the completed table:

I’m debating if I need to do a transfer of rough wood for the top of the table. I’d like to, but I’m not sure how well it will show up when the table is covered with lab equipment.

Either way, it will have to wait as it appears, for the first time ever, Pinterest is down.


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