Back in the lab.

Today, I chose the floor for the laboratory project. I try to keep things consistent with the time period in which I am working. I chose this light wood floor, because the interior of the clock is so dark, I need to create a little, not too much, lightness. Mad scientists need to be able to see, too.

Pretty realistic, right? My thanks to the people at

Here is the flooring mounted on a piece of cardboard that I cut to fit the inside of the clock. I cannot, however, install it in the clock yet because I have no shellack. Tomorrow, I will run out to the drug store and get some hairspray to use as a fixative.

The hairspray keeps the ink from my printer from bleeding and adds a little gloss to the paper. I don’t recommend it for wallpaper. But wood floors look cool when they are shiny. Tiles do as well.

Also, I got an email from Alphastamps today. My latest order is finally on its way! I will have my lab furniture soon.


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