Too much time in the macrocosm

Today was basically a waste of time. What started as a quick $100 car maintenance appointment turned into 3 hours at the dealership, in a mask, getting very little work done and the need for a $1000 repair and a return trip on Monday.

When I finally got done with the car, I had to have 3 (yes, 3) video chats and then spend an hour on the phone with Verizon getting a landline set up. Then laundry. Being an adult is stupid and it leaves very little time for making tiny things.

I did get a little work done. I am in the process of creating a miniature tiger skin rug based on a pattern from this book:

Ms Dodge writes great books for amateur miniaturists.

Here’s the rug, in progress:

I’m using 32 count linen and DMC embroidery floss, both of which can be purchased at your local craft store or online. I suggest picking out floss in a store as the colors don’t necessarily appear true on a screen. For those of you who are not stitchers, “count” in embroidery fabric refers to the number of stitches that can be done per inch. In this case, 32 stitches per inch. This is useful because it becomes really simple to determine how big a piece will be when complete. If you are stitching a rug that is 100 stitches by 80 stitches, you simply divide the number of stitches by your thread count to know exactly how many inches your finished piece will be. In this example, your rug would be about 3 inches by 2.5 inches.

Here’s an extreme close up of the fabric.

Each stitch goes over one thread in the fabric. They are very very tiny. I recommend a size 26 tapestry needle because it won’t stretch the holes in the linen. Also, I recommend at least a 3X magnifier. I use these, made by Kikar, because I can attach them to my glasses (sexy, I know). You may prefer the kind that is attached to a head band or a positionable magnifying glass.

My magnifiers, or cheaters as I call them.

That’s it for now, my cat Johnny, is informing me that it is time for his dinner.



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