The mad scientist’s lab.

Today I am starting work on a miniature steampunk laboratory. The scene will be built inside this antique clock, which I bought on EBay.

The clock has a cool looking back door:

And a fairly spacious interior:

Though, as you can see, I will need to create floor that is level with the bottom of the door. I’m considering whether or not I want to add a flight of stairs up to the door, but that decision can wait until the piece is nearly done. Also, considering how dark it is inside, lighting is going to be of particular importance.

I already have a collection of miniature lab equipment. Not all of which will make it into this scene. I prefer to have too many pieces so I can make design choices as I work. Most of these pieces were purchased from Alphastamps.

I love Alphastamps because they have a huge variety of collage, scrapbooking and miniature supplies at very reasonable prices. The only downside is that their shipping is extremely slow. It can take a week or more before they ship an order so supplies can take a week and half or more to arrive.

While I understand that they are likely very busy dealing with orders from people like me, who are still “sheltering in place”, waiting for necessary supplies can be a severe test of patience. The order I am currently expecting contains the chipboard pieces I intend to turn into lab tables.

I really like the tiny titration vessel, which is hand blown glass, which I purchased at a miniatures convention in Sturbridge, MA.

You’ve probably also noticed my high tech work surface, consisting of a paint splattered piece of cardboard I cut from the side of a box. I have yet to find a surface that works better for me since it is the cheapest way I’ve found to protect the top of my oak desk.

That’s all for now.


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